I’m Najla Tirabassi.

I help professionals unlock their potential.

Hi, I’m the founder of Tirabassi Consulting and a dedicated Human Resources expert with a degree in Human Resources Management.
With an extensive background as a Résumé Writer and a Headhunter, I have had the distinct pleasure of working in one of the world’s largest recruitment agencies, where I fine-tuned the art of matchmaking between professionals and their dream careers.

Originally from Brazil and currently living in the USA, I bridge cultural and linguistic gaps in the professional environment. Fluent in Portuguese and English, I’m also on my way to becoming a polyglot, learning Spanish, German, and Dutch to better connect with clients from all over the world.

I’ve provided personalized services to over 300 clients from more than 20 different industries across 15 countries. My services, tailored to boost your career, include:

Resume Review, LinkedIn Optimization, Cover Letter and 
Job Interview Coaching.

If you’re looking to advance locally or break into the international market, I’m here to guide you. Let’s unlock new opportunities for your career together!


Your Resume is your image. You must communicate your best message!